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Allied Insurance, Nationwide Issue New D&E Pricing Structures

A reader forwarded to staff copies of faxes received last week from SGC regarding a change in payment rates for both Nationwide and Allied Insurance companies in the D and E markets.

According to the new pricing structure, beginning September 11, 2006, windshields and tempered glass will both be reimbursed at 18 percent off NAGS list price, with $40 flat labor plus an additional $30 per NAGS labor hour. Non-Conductive Urethane were being covered at $20 for the first kit, $30 for 1.5 kits and $40 for two kits, with all other urethanes being reimbursed at $15 per NAGS kit quantity.

Windshield repairs would be covered at a $63.50 flat rate.

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