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Glass Company Issues Press Release About Australian Hail Storms

Service 8 Autoglass in Banora Point, New South Wales, Australia, has issued the following press release to remind local motorists to be aware of the changing weather in the coming months:

Service 8 Autoglass is calling upon motorists to be aware of potential hail storms during the summer months.

Hail storms in Australia are a common occurrence, with the Gold & Tweed Coast areas being prime hot spots.

Having experienced 4 major hail storms, Michael Smedley, Technical Director of Service 8 Autoglass warns motorist to be aware.

The Gold Coast is one of Australia's favourite holiday destinations. Thousands of holiday maker's choose to drive to the Gold Coast, or hire vehicles on their arrival each year.

Mr Smedley went on to say it's important that motorists are aware that hails storms are likely to occur from October to February. He also advises motorists be sure to opt for extra insurance on hired vehicles during this period.

During the 2005 Gold Coast hail storm at Movie World theme park, thousands of holiday makers motor vehicles where bombarded with golf ball sized hail stones.

Many hired vehicles suffered windscreen damage and where without sufficient insurance cover.

It can cost thousands of dollars to repair a hail damaged vehicle. Trying to save money by not taking optional insurance during hail season is a gamble not worth taking.

Service 8 Autoglass can be found online at visitors to the site will be able to have all of their questions answered about hail storms. The site also provides motorists with information on a full range of Service 8 products, services and upcoming events.

Mr Smedley concluded by saying "Our on-line response facility allows customers and those interested to contact us directly,"

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