British Invention to Removes Etched Graffiti on Glass

Chicago Glass, based in Kent, England, has developed a new process for restoring glass surfaces etched with graffiti. The process, known as “Graffiti Gone,” is currently being patented throughout Europe and the United States.

According to the company, the process incorporates protection from future damage and was created to fight graffiti left by vandals wielding glasscutters, drill bits or spark plugs to etch obscenities or gang tags and nicknames on glass.

“Whilst pain graffiti was a serious problem for the transport industry, this has largely been tackled by prompt attention on a regular basis to graffiti blighted vehicles,” said Alan Button, general manager of Chicago Glass. “Etched graffiti is popular with vandals because, until now, it has been permanent damage with no easy solution … once an area starts to be blighted, it seems to encourage more damage.”

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