Windshield Safety, Upkeep Key When Old Man Winter Visits
Local Auto Glass Repair Company Offers Tips

(source: Cindy Rowe Auto Glass press release)

As the holiday season approaches and the weather outside starts to look frightful, most residents make sure their heating systems are well maintained, their sidewalks and walkways are clear of ice, and their vehicles are equipped with good snow tires. But one crucial item often overlooked is the repair and upkeep of vehicle windshields, according to Cindy Rowe, president of the multi-location Cindy Rowe Auto Glass, headquartered in Harrisburg.

"In cold weather and snow, we forget about the upkeep of our windshields," Rowe said. "Often times it's the last thing we maintain on our vehicles, when it should be one of the first, especially in the winter months."

Many times, she says, drivers overlook nicks and small cracks in their windshields during the winter because the precipitation makes it hard to see.

"People simply don't look at their windshields during the winter," Rowe continued. "That's when they should be keeping an extra eye on them. A small, hidden crack can travel across the windshield if a driver cranks up the defrost on a freezing windshield."

This turns what began as a simple, inexpensive windshield repair into a replacement costing hundreds of dollars, she says.

According to Rowe, there are a few precautions that drivers can take during the winter months to keep their windshields in good shape. Keeping your windshield clear and inspecting for small chips and cracks regularly could save motorists cash in the long-term, she says.

"What some drivers don't know is that most insurance companies waive the deductible if you have your windshield repaired rather than replaced," Rowe says. "This makes the time spent keeping your windshield clean well worth the effort - even in the cold."

Two, always use only a plastic scraper when removing ice and snow from your auto glass, she recommends. "Aluminum cans, coffee cups and metal spatulas … We've seen just about everything here in our shops being used to remove ice and snow," she says. "Usually, the only result of using these make-shift scrapers is a scratched windshield."

Finally, in addition keeping your glass clear, keep an eye on your wiper blades, Rowe says. "Windshield wipers that are cracked, old, or decaying can sometimes trap gravel and grit under the blade, resulting in windshield damage."

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