Spokane Car Wash Companies Sever Ties

Late last year, two operations of Kar-Brite Hand Wash & Auto Glass in Spokane, Wash., were purchased from the company and opened as Inside-n-Out car wash operations.

While both continue to operate in the car wash market, they have taken different approaches for auto glass.

Kar-Brite offers windshield repair and replacement, but it’s a “sideline” that the company doesn’t push, according to Becky Chesterman, office manager. “We have a technician on staff and several people who have qualified to do repairs,” she said, “But it’s mainly a service we offer to our regular customers, although we’re always on the outlook for repairs that need to be done.” She estimates that the glass segment is about 5 to 10 percent of the company’s volume. The wash and gasoline sales are its main revenue generators.

A company employee who answered the phone at Inside-n-Out said that the company offers windshield repair for customers but does no replacement.

According to local press reports, Car Wash Enterprises and KBFB LLC, Spokane, changed the names of their car washes late last year. Jeff Cushman, who owns Car Wash Enterprises and is the operations manager for both stores, said Car Wash bought its operation at 9412 N. Newport Highway from Spokane-based Kar-Brite in December 2004, and KBFB bought the car wash at 324 W. Francis from Kar-Brite in June2005.

When the companies bought those operations, they had licensing agreements with Kar-Brite to operate under that company's name, and have now surrendered those licenses, he said.

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