South Carolina Consumer Right Legislation Being Considered

The South Carolina General Assembly has reconvened for the second year of its two-year session, and there is optimism that legislation which is designed to guarantee consumer right to choice in automotive repair (including auto glass replacement) will move ahead. The legislation is Senate bill S 513 and House bill H 3685.

The name of the bills is: A Bill to Amend the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, by Adding Section 39-5-36 so as to Make It an Unfair Trade Practice for a Motor Vehicle Repair Business to Administer Insurance Claims for Motor Vehicle Repairs.

The Senate bill is expected to be heard before the full Judiciary Committee within the next couple of weeks and approved in committee to be passed on for full consideration by the Assembly.

All segments of the auto repair industry, including glass, have supported passage of the legislation. The prompt action will result from the structure and way the Assembly works. The consumer right bill had already been sent to the committee when it recessed last year.

According to sources knowledgeable about the legislation, there is concern that passage of the bill will be more problematic in the House chamber of the Assembly where it is before the Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee and it appears likely that some committee members will not allow a vote on the legislation so that it can be moved out for consideration on the full floor of the Assembly.

Local operatives suggest that South Carolina glass shops that want to see such legislation passed contact their own representative as well as those on the Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee. A list of members of that committee with links is available at

The legislation has had opposition from the insurance industry.

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