CRL Introduces New Heater Oven Starter Kits

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL), a Los Angeles-based supplier to the glazing, architectural, construction, industrial, and automotive industries, is introducing CRL heater oven starter kits. These new kits include one of three available CRL Urethane Heater Ovens, 48 cartridges of CRL 700 Heated Urethane Adhesive, plus CRL9GC Glass Primer and CRL9P Pinchweld Primer.

"These kits provide everything needed to use CRL 700 Heated Urethane Adhesive for fast, safe drive away times. Our Urethane Heater Ovens are designed to warm our Heated High Viscosity Urethane Adhesive and other manufacturers' heated urethanes to the ideal application temperature of 185° F (85°) within one hour," CRL sealants product manager Gary Byrum explained. "We offer both two-hole and six-hole designs in the 120 Volt AC models, and a two-hole, 12 Volt DC model. These designs enable a sufficient amount of material to be heated for a single windshield. When a customer demands to have their vehicle back quickly, these kits and our 700 Heated Urethane will accelerate the curing of the material, providing fast and safe driving release times."

CRL 700 Heated High Viscosity Urethane Adhesive is specially formulated as a safe, fast alternative to room temperature applied one-component urethanes. It meets or exceeds U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS212 (Barrier Crash Test) and FMVSS208 (Occupant Crash Protection) in approximately 30 minutes, and rates non-conductive.

"An additional feature of CRL 700 Urethanes is our single primer system. We've eliminated the need to purchase and apply one primer to clean or condition the glass, and another black primer for adhesion of the urethane to the frit. CRL9GC Glass Primer performs both functions, by chemically reacting with the glass frit and urethane to provide a secure bond. The CRL9P Pinchweld Primer should be used on bare pinchweld metal scratches or rust areas that have been repaired prior to priming. It may also be used on glass supplied without black ceramic frit to improve adhesion," Byrum added.

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