Delta Kits does not support the formation of a new association made up solely of windshield repair manufacturers at this time

Eugene, OR (PRWEB) October 5, 2005 -- In response to the October 4, 2005 announcement stating, "some manufacturing members of the windshield repair industry are looking to form an association," Delta Kits, Inc. president, Brent Deines had this to say, "Delta Kits does not support the formation of a new association made up solely of windshield repair manufacturers at this time."

"In my opinion the windshield repair industry is best served by a broad spectrum of individuals and companies with a vested interest in windshield repair, and I feel we already have such an organization in the NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association)," states Deines. Delta Kits is a long time supporter of the NWRA, which is made up of a diverse group including windshield repair equipment manufacturers, glass repair and replacement companies, as well as individual windshield repair technicians.

Deines goes on to say, "Delta Kits is working diligently to raise the standards of windshield repair technicians by acquiring a position on the ROLAGS (Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standards) committee to help develop an ANSI standard for windshield repair, by offering free training to all windshield repair technicians, and by promoting ethical business practices to everyone in the windshield repair industry. Delta Kits' primary goal is the betterment of the windshield repair industry as a whole, and an organization that excludes windshield repair technicians cannot be beneficial to windshield repair technicians," said Deines. "I talk to windshield repair technicians every day, and this is not what they want."

Admittedly, Delta Kits does not always see eye to eye with decisions made by the NWRA, but Deines believes that overall the organization has made considerable progress over the years. Deines adds that manufacturing members have been a key factor in the success of the NWRA and feels that a new "manufacturers only" organization will hamper the effectiveness of the NWRA.

After reading the October 5th announcement, Deines felt the need to clarify Delta Kits' position. "I am not opposed to Delta Kits working with fellow windshield repair manufacturers and suppliers, especially those that share the moral and ethical standards of my Christian upbringing, but I cannot support an organization that I believe may create division within the windshield repair industry," Deines said.

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