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Diamond Glass Companies Announces Pilot Program to Introduce Fuel Surcharges

Diamond Glass Companies has introduced a new pilot program to test the introduction of fuel surcharges in three key U.S. markets. The program is designed to measure consumer and non-contract commercial responses to the introduction of a fuel surcharge for remote, on-site automotive glass installation services. Diamond's approach to coping with rising fuel costs is intended to offer consumers more options in response to rising overhead costs. The pilot program will test and measure consumer reactions to the introduction of fuel surcharges, and will provide Diamond Glass Companies with valuable research data and key insights into consumer opinions and purchasing patterns.

"Rising fuel costs are an issue that most industries have already dealt with. In the auto glass industry, many companies, including Diamond Glass Companies, have been absorbing this additional expense for several months in anticipation of a decline in gas prices. The costs involved in operating this business continue to rise, while the prices for windshield installations by your local shop continues to decrease," said Duane Hromada, Diamond's vice president of national field sales.

Diamond's Fuel Surcharge Test Program empowers the consumer by offering them the option to pay a small surcharge for remote installation service, or choose to bring their vehicles to one of Diamond's 240 nationwide locations, "at their discretion" to be serviced. This pilot program is a reflection of Diamond's continuing effort to respond to consumer demands and provide better service nationwide. The information gained from this pilot research program will enable Diamond Glass Companies to better-forecast consumer purchasing patterns throughout the U.S. and the glass industry as a whole.

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