Diamond Triumph Issues Statement Regarding Safelite Counterclaims

On November 23, 2004, Safelite announced that it had received a favorable ruling in its bid to be allowed to file counterclaims against fellow auto glass giant, Diamond Triumph. (see Federal Court Allows Safelite to Proceed With Counterclaims Against Diamond Triumph)

Diamond Triumph has issued the following written statement to AGRR magazine:

"While we were disappointed that Safelite's counterclaims were not dismissed at this time, we remain confident that these counterclaims are without merit and that we will prevail not only on these counterclaims, but also, more importantly on our claims against Safelite concerning how Safelite administers glass claims. Safelite's improper conduct is at the core of this lawsuit. No one should be distracted by either the counterclaims or Safelite's press releases to the contrary. Safelite is simply attempting to divert attention from its own improper conduct, conduct that adversely affects everyone in the glass industry. We remain encouraged that we are not alone in this fight. There have been strong statements issued by a major national trade association regarding Safelite's conduct, and we remain encouraged by the support that we have received from our competitors in the industry who also face the same conduct."

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