Auto Parts Chain Promotes DIY Windshield Installs

Thanks to Scott Cramer, vice president of operations for First Glass Inc. in Galesburg, Ill., for sending us this link (CLICK HERE - PRINT VERSION) to Advance Auto Parts, a national auto glass chain that, for whatever reason, has decided to provide how-to instructions (and encouragement) for consumers to replace their own windshields.

As Scott says, "Wow, and I thought it was tough to compete against the guys who work out of their pickup trucks. This takes the cake. Now I'm competing against a national auto parts chain. (I still can't find what they have to gain.)"

The first question that he says enters his mind: "If it is truly as easy as this article states, why do I spend almost a month training our techs before I send them out on their own?"

He adds, "But that isn't all. The do-it-yourself instructions aren't even close to being accurate. Crazy! It was fun just to circle all the no-no's. And why? According to the article to save $100! That isn't enough to have something done right; $100 isn't enough to have someone share the liability with? Maybe we are the crazy ones!"

Scott says it makes him wonder how many guys will read this and say, 'Low $ startup, pro the first time out, I just lost my job....hmm, I think I'll open a business.' I don't know if your town has one but ours does--and he is getting enough jobs to stay busy."

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