eDirectGlass Petitions NAGS to Hold Off

Concern about the growing varied pricing models being put forth for the NAGS rebalancing scheduled to go into effect February 28 has prompted eDirectGlass to write a letter to the San Diego-based company to postpone the update. Letter was as follows:

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Jesse Herrera
General Manager
Mitchell International, Inc.
9889 Willow Creek Road
San Diego, CA 92131

Re: NAGS Rebalancing Postponement Request

Dear Mr. Herrera,

I am writing to you on behalf of our company and the industry to request that Mitchell postpone the February 28, 2005 NAGS update.

In the last few weeks many different pricing models have been made public by insurance companies and third-party administrators. These pricing models reflect many challenges to the way point-of-sale systems and networks handle NAGS pricing. While eDirectGlass is capable of supporting multiple pricing catalogues and discount models, we are concerned that the partners we interchange with are not ready or are currently incapable of handling the required changes.

eDirectGlass believes that a 60 day period be given that allows the industry to make the necessary adjustments from both a technology and a pricing discount level. We respectfully ask that you consider our request.

I am available to discuss our position and the challenges that threaten the industry with regards to the impending pricing update.


Gary Hart

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