Farmer's and State Auto Issue O&As

Farmer's Casualty and Mid-Plains Insurance Cos. and State Auto Insurance Cos. have sent out their Offer and Acceptance terms.

GlassBytes™ has received copies of the letters with their Rate MN, and the terms are the same for both companies. Here is their offer:

NAGS Windshield: NAGS List no discount required
NAGS Tempered: NAGS List no discount required
Labor: $175.00 Flat
Plus: $30.00 Per NAGS Hour
High Modulus/
Non-Conductive Urethane $65.00 1.0 Kit
$95.00 1.5 Kit
$125.00 2.0 Kit
All other urethanes: $65.00 Flat

Windshield Repairs: $59.95 $15 for each additional break
Maximum of 3 repairs total

The SGC Network administers the glass program for both of these companies.

Both letters also include these two paragraphs:

"Our policyholders have the right of personal choice and preference in their selection of an automotive glass shop. However, our contract limits coverage to only the fair market value for glass repair and replacement services. If you are unwilling to provide service at the prices we have offered above, you may decline the job. If you accept the job, you accept our pricing!

"If you insist on charging in excess of our fair and reasonable pricing stated above, you must advise our policyholders prior to initiating glass repair/replacement so that they may decide if they wish to pay the additional costs for your services."

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