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Glass Shops Beware of Ordering Scams has learned that Indiana glass shops have been the target of a recent ordering and shipping scam. According to Sherry Allender with Bedford Glass in Bedford, Ind., a man calling himself the Rev. Able Frank is calling shops to order 100-200 lites of glass, paying with stolen credit cards and then asking that the glass be shipped to Ghana, Africa. He asks the shop to contact an international shipping company and to provide them with the weight and dimensions of the glass. The shipping company then provides the cost to ship the glass to Africa.

Allender told that the freight company is part of the scam; it asks for pre-payment of $1300 by a Western Union money order.

She told she learned it was a scam when she called her glass supplier to place the order. Her supplier informed her that she was the fourth person to place this same order for shipment to Africa.

"I called my local police," said Allender. "The police said to fax the man back and let him know we knew it was a scam."

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