Glas-Weld Introduces Water Feed System for Scratch Removal

(source: Glas-Weld press release)

Glas-Weld Systems Inc. of Bend, Ore. has announced its new Scratch-Weld Water Feed System.

"The Water Feed system allows for better control and is less complicated than our original system," states Don Gregor of Glas-Weld Systems. "The system is easy to learn and is faster to set-up on the job."

The majority of scratches can be quickly and easily removed with the Scratch-Weld II System. The system removes light, medium, and deep scratches from all types of glass, including windshields, mirrors, annealed and tempered glass. Speed and efficiency are increased by the addition of the ergonomically designed water feed system. The new design of the water feed system is less taxing physically, easier to balance, and allows for more consistent pressure and better control while working on a repair. The water feed system uses less water creating less clean up upon job completion.

The new Water Feed System for the Scratch Weld II System is $299 and includes the sprayer arm assembly, pressurized water bottle, bottle holder with suction cups, and belt attachment. The complete Scratch-Weld II Water Feed System is available for $1,795 and includes a high torque machine, water feed system, backer pads and proprietary disks in three sizes (6", 4", and 2"), infrared thermometer, 1 lb. of Scratch Removal compound, 1 hour training video, instruction manual, and a custom high impact carrying case with locks. Factory training and certification is available.

The Scratch Weld II System has been independently tested and proven to be distortion free in removing scratches from glass. For more information, contact Glas-Weld Systems at 800-321-2597 or visit

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