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GlasWeld Holds International Windshield Repair Summit in London

GlasWeld, a manufacturer and supplier of glass repair equipment, will be hosting the first International Summit for Windshield Repair in London on July 27. Designed to bring together parties from all sectors of the windshield repair industry to create an international repair standard, the summit will serve as a platform for the discussion of standards, insurance, regulations, environmental issues, new technologies, licensing and other topics.

"Our main goal in holding this event is to better the industry on an international scale," said Mike Boyle, president of GlasWeld. "By bringing together entities like glass associations, glass manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, distributors and businesses, we can start to paint a picture of the glass repair industry in its entirety."

The event will be held on Thursday, July 27th at the Novotel Coventry on Wilsons Lane in Longford, Coventry, England from 9am - 1pm. The cost for participation is $50 U.S. per person and includes refreshments and pastries.

Those interested in attending the event should RSVP to GlasWeld's U.S. headquarters at 800-321-2597 or 541-388-1156 extension 0. Please RSVP for this event by July 19th.

Prior to the International Summit, GlasWeld will be holding training sessions for technicians in the GlasWeld UK network and conducting a private forum for its international distributors from around the world.

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