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GlasWeld's Summit Draws Global Participation

The first International Summit for Windshield Repair was held in Coventry, England on July 27th. The event was hosted by GlasWeld and drew participants from the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Africa and the United States. Participating companies included representatives from Belron, Optic-Kleer, GlasWeld and others. The event was designed to bring together parties from all sectors of the windshield repair industry to create interest in developing an international repair union with representation from the repair, automotive, insurance, safety and government agencies.

Discussion topics included the state of the repair industry in participating countries, how standards affect the quality of repairs, insurance, regulations, environmental issues, new technologies, licensing and other topics. But the core issue at hand was the importance of training in the repair industry.

"The best equipment is only as good as the people using it. Training is a crucial element to the repair process," said Mike Boyle, president of GlasWeld.

In discussing training, it was noted that the training time to which companies commit varies widely from one or two weeks down to one or two hours.

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