IGA Supports CAGG and Urges All Auto Glass Shops to Sign Up

(source: IGA Beacon Bulletin)

The Board of Directors of the IGA voted to support the purpose and goals of the Chicago Auto Glass Group (CAGG.) The IGA welcomes the transparency and the CAGG method for establishing benchmarks. The IGA supports the principle that the industry, not a publisher, should determine the method for establishing benchmarks.

We believe the very formation of the CAGG has caused NAGS to remove "R" parts. It makes us wonder why NAGS did not remove "R" parts sooner? It makes us wonder how long would the industry might have coped with "R" parts had CAGG not come along?

CAGG is not a panacea. It does not claim to be. It does not solve all problems, but it does address some very important ones. While there are some concerns and questions, as there would be with any mission of this magnitude, we believe that compared with the alternative it deserves the support of our members and the industry.

And, remember, your choice is not so much do you totally support everything about CAGG. Your choice is between CAGG and NAGS. It's one or the other.

We think it's time for a change.

Go to www.chicagoautoglassgroup.com to learn more.

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