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IGA Launches Comic Book: “Don’t Get Steered”

During last year’s Independent Glass Association’s (IGA) annual conference, consumer advocate Ralph Nader advised attendees during his keynote speech that a good way to gain recognition from legislators is to present a topic of concern in a form they could understand easily, such as a comic book (CLICK HERE for related story). This week, the IGA is making that advice a reality, as it launches its own comic book, “Don’t Get Steered”—an illustrated depiction of what steering is and how it can affect independent shop owners.

“[The comic book’s] purpose is to educate consumers, lawmakers and others about the issues they face everyday trying to compete in a market that is controlled by competitor-administrators,” says IGA director of operations Patrick Smith.

The comic book will be distributed to IGA members this week during the conference—and via mail to those not in attendance. In turn, they hope to distribute the comic book further to consumers, attorneys, lawmakers, insurance agents and judges, Smith says.

Smith says members are hoping the comic book will allow them to make a positive difference in their communities.

“The membership is very excited,” he says. “They feel this simple comic book will allow them to finally demonstrate what they fight against everyday.”

Smith also will provide a step-by-step tutorial of how to maximize the use of the comic book at this week’s IGA Conference.
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