Herrera Gets Tough Questioning on Methods

In the question-and-answer portion of the presentation on the new NAGS rebalancing at the Independent Glass Association in Orlando last week, Jesse Herrera, the general manager of the San Diego-based price list publisher faced tough questioning from Cindy Ketcherside of JC's Glass, Phoenix, Ariz., on what methodology is used to determine the NAGS price list.

Ketcherside began her questioning by asking Herrera what surveying methodology the company used to determine its list prices. He replied that a number of industry companies provided NAGS with their list prices. He said that the groups, which supply information, are guaranteed anonymity in return for providing the information on their pricing to NAGS.

Ketcherside further pressed Herrera on whether ANSI standards methodology was used in the process or other accepted surveying techniques such as random sampling. Herera replied that these methods were not applicable in this particular case because only certain parties would have the information and agree to supply it.

Not satisified, Ketcherside again asked if NAGS uses any kind of recognized methodology to determine the prices it publishes. "Our businesses depend on these prices and we want to know how they are derived and if they are representative." Herrera again described the method he had given earlier.

With a seeming stalemate and voices getting louder, Debra Levy, publisher of AGRR magazine who was moderating the session, said that it was time to move on to the next question.

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