METRYX: Call Home

LYNX has held a series of tele/videoconference meetings to advance its education of the industry about the new METRYX registry system, which it has introduced. GlassBYTES listened in on the conference that took place on Friday, July 22, during which Chris Umble and Steve Shaw represented LYNX.

Participants have been able to see the screens showing what information the company is requesting from AGRR companies in the program. The information is structured at the company level. There are three tiers of information: company level, retail level (the services a company provides) and technician level.

LYNX is entering the data it already has on companies that are part of its network into the system (the pre-populating), so that much of the company information is already input.

The markets served data is broken down to the ZIP code level.

A lot of negative comment about the collection of technician information has been swirling in the industry, and LYNX has used these tele/videoconferences to address these concerns. LYNX officials point out that the technician information is confidential and that the last four digits of the social security number function as a PIN for identification purposes.

LYNX officials emphasize in the presentation that the information is designed to have checks and balances to determine it is correct. If you say you serve this much area, the number of trucks you have should be able to accommodate that.

LYNX does 3 million auto glass claims a year and pays 23,000 different entities. It has 40 insurance companies in its program, including State Farm and Allstate.

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