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More Glass Companies Reporting Telephone Scam

Last week, reported that glass companies in the Midwest were reporting a scam involving the use of stolen credit cards and large orders of glass to be shipped to Africa (see Glass Shops Beware of Ordering Scams). As it turns out, it's not a local scheme.

Glass shops on the east coast reported the same activity: companies receive telephone calls via relay devices such as text telephone devices (TTD), which are used to help members of the deaf community make and receive phone calls, and the person placing the call requests to order a substantial amount of glass-both windshields and double-strength glass has been requested-to be shipped to a country in Africa. Though each shop has reported being contacted by a different person, the call pattern has remained the same. So far, the calls have also evolved into e-mail correspondence.

One glass shop employee reports that when she informed the person making the call that she knew it was a scam, the person hung up on her.

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