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Can You Hear Me Now?
Cell Service and Attendance Spotty at Conference

If you are trying to reach someone at the National Auto Glass Conference this week and can't, don't think they've gone AWOL. Amid the beautiful and lush resort in desert hills of Tucson, this week's conference has found only two things missing: cell service and attendance.

"We are up in the mountains and there are no cell towers," said Derek Dupree, an operator at the property. "Some rooms you can get it [service], some you can't, some places you can, some you can't. It is a problem."

The spotty reception has led to a few comical sights, as attendees flock to and crowd in pocket locations where they can find cell service. "You move two feet, you lose it," joked one attendee, "I am playing statues."

Attendance at the event has declined in the past few years. This year's event has also not been as strong as last year's in Minneapolis. The 2005 show had 502 pre-registered attendees and speakers (including exhibitors, excluding association staff). This year, the event has attracted 431 pre-registered, a drop of 14 percent since last year. Perhaps a sign of the changing industry, in the past the event has attracted more than 1,000 attendees.

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