OPTIS Launches Software for Windshield Analysis

OPTIS, a company producing software for light and vision simulation and headquartered in Toulon, France, has announced the launch of a new solution for windshield analysis. SPEOS Windshield Analysis is designed to allow both windshield manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers to check the compatibility of a windshield design with optical standards, to make a static analysis of image distortion through the windshield and to make video sequences of what will be seen through it while the vehicle is in motion.

It is aimed at vehicles manufacturers who wish to validate a new shape of windshield and to those windshield manufacturers wishing to make a complete analysis of their design. This software is available in both SPEOS standalone, which is compatible with all CAD programs, and it is also integrated in CATIA V5 from Dassault Systèmes.

With SPEOS Windshield Analysis, the windshield designer will be able to simulate the sighting target for reflection and transmission, view sighting marks, and also model how those marks distort the image (the road, landscape) through the windshield. The Moiré effect can also be simulated for analysis of distortion - something that until now could only be observed empirically on a physical prototype.

For more information visit www.optis-world.com or e-mail sales@optis-world.com.

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