PPG Announces Aerospace Windshield Contract
November 2, 2012

by Casey Neeley, cneeley@glass.com

PPG has announced a new contract with Eclipse Aerospace to manufacture cockpit windows as well as improve the design of windshield spares and side cockpit window spares for the Eclipse 500.

The windshields the company will manufacture are going to be made with glass-faced acrylic and will be heated. The windshields will also have a static-resistant coating.

"PPG’s glass-faced acrylic windshields will be more durable, have improved aesthetics and optics and be coated to drain precipitative static charges," said PPG global director for general-aviation aerospace transparencies Arthur Scott. "These new transparencies capitalize on PPG’s core design and manufacturing expertise."

PPG officials plan to manufacture the windows in the company's Sylmar, Calif., plant and the heating unit its Huntsville, Ala., location.

PPG anticipates deliveries of the product will begin in mid-2013.

Officials from PPG declined to give further information at press time.

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