American Family Pricing Structure for A and B Markets

In response to the American Family Insurance Co. pricing statement for Minnesota's D&E areas which we printed on Monday, we got a copy of the letter for the A and B rates, and they are quite different. Here are those rates.

NAGS Windshield -40.0% Off NAGS list
NAGS Tempered -40.0% Off NAGS List
Labor: $40.00 Flat
Plus: Hourly Labor Rate $34.00 Per NAGS Hour
Standard Kits $25.00 Flat
High Modulus/Non-Conductive Urethane $65.00 1.0 Kit
  $95.00 1.5 Kit
  $125.00 2.0 Kit
Windshield Repairs: $55.00 +$15 for each additional break Maximum of 3 repairs total

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