Country Financial and Insurance Releases Pricing Statement

AGRR magazine received a copy of a pricing statement issued by Country Financial and Insurance via fax on Friday from a GlassBYTEs subscriber. The text of the fax reads as follows:

Country Financial & Insurance - MSI - GlassComp pricing agreement
EFFECTIVE Feb 28, 2005
Foreign & Domestic Windshields 33% over NAGS
Foreign & Domestic Tempered 33% over NAGS
If your shop quotes a better discount then please bill at that price.
Any invoice total greater than $1000.00 on a vehicle older than 5 years of age needs pre-approval and will be negotiated on a case by case basis. Any invoice greater than $1500.00 on a vehicle less than 5 years of age needs prior approval and will be negotiated on a case by case basis.
Materials Charge $24.00 (1 per glass installed as required)
(includes misc. clips, foam dams, etc.)

Labor Rate $125.00 per glass installed

Repairs (Must be internal resin injection) $50.00 for first repair
Additional repairs $10.00 each additional repair to a maximum of $70.00 total
All installations must meet Federal Guidelines
Will attempt chip repair when repair is a reasonable action.
All work must be guaranteed for a minimum of two years.
All vehicles in shop care must be protected with proper insurance coverage. (Garage keepers, liability, etc.)
Moldings should use Precision numbers and list pricing.
"R", net priced, etc. parts on a case by case basis.
Motor homes, vinyl peel back, obsolete, dealer and "premium" parts require prior approval from GlassComp. Dealer parts at nationally recognized list prices.

________________________ ______________________
Glass Company Name Authorized Signature accepting above terms

_______________________ ______________________
Date Federal Tax ID#
Business Type ( ) Sole Proprietor ( ) Partnership ( ) LLC ( ) Corporation **** Please mark one
Please return to GlassComp, Inc. P.O. Box 500 Morton, IL 61550-0500
Or fax to 309-263-7558 Repair only ( ) Repair/Replace ( )
Please include full mailing address, Phone #, Fax #, Federal TIN, service area by county & state. If you have additional locations please call GlassComp at 309-263-8620 to see if you can copy this document.

_____________ _________ ____ __________
Street or PO Box City State Zip
(_____)_________ (_______)___________
Phone Fax #

No reproduction, in print, electronic or any form without the expressed written permission of
Key Communications Inc. 540-720-5584.