UNITED KINGDOM - Autoglass Radio Ad Had Missed Approval Process, According to Company Officials
February 16, 2011

The Autoglass radio ad that recently was deemed misleading by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) had not gone through the company's normal approval process, according to Samantha Day-Tillotson, public relations manager for the United Kingdom-based company, which is owned by Belron.

"All Autoglass® adverts go through a stringent approval process, but due to an oversight on this occasion this radio advert did not and the way the message was phrased was misinterpreted," says Day-Tillotson. "As soon as the advert was broadcast we realized our mistake and we decided to withdraw it."

She adds, "Autoglass apologizes for this error and as a result has tightened its approval processes."

In the complaint, Glass Doctors (which also is a United Kingdom-based company, unrelated to the United States-based Glass Doctor), alleged that the company's television and radio ads were misleading, and that they led the customer to believe that any windshield chip would result in a failure of the customer's Ministry of Transport test (MOT).

The complaint against the radio ad was upheld, and the company has ceased running the ad.

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