Glass Industry Pulled Together in Wake of Rita

Editor's Note: In response to Vickie Stewart's account of what it was like to ride out Hurricane Rita at home, Bob Lawrence with Craftsman Fabricated Glass writes to let readers know he didn't come to the rescue single-handedly.

by Bob Lawrence

No kinder things can be said of what a lot of people were trying to do for their fellow neighbors.

There are a number of people who were instrumental, stepping up to the plate, without hesitation. Immediately after we sent out a call for donations, Mattie Carrillo of JC Glass and Steve Mc Guire of Lakeview Glass offered to bring all sorts of items that were subsequently delivered to people in Nederland, Beaumont and Jasper. I will always remember Cindy Wilson crouched on the floor filling baggies of personal hygiene items for taking on the next truck out. Matt Docis, John Linhart, Guy Sullivan, my son Phillip, Trina Polaniec ... and many others who were scouring the stores for items that were in short supply.

I appreciate the kind words Vickie Stewart wrote on my behalf, but I was only one of many who were determined to help our neighbor. I am very happy that everyone came out healthy and unhurt.

I look forward to a day that many of those that were involved at both ends of this "Rita" spectrum are able to meet face to face and have a good time recounting this event.

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