Safelite Amends Network Participation Agreement

Safelite has sent out an agreement addendum which will take effect Monday, July 18, for the contract with its Safelite network participants.

The changes include:

  • The contract is now with Safelite Solutions LLC instead of Safelite Glass Corp. This switch in companies moves the agreement from a Delaware corporation to a Delaware limited liability company.
  • The agreement states that participants have to maintain full and complete records of transactions and that Safelite, or any insurance or fleet company that work has been done for, has the right to "audit" those records for verifying quality and compliance with the terms of the agreement.
  • A new paragraph states that for all fleet or insurance company work billed through Safelite participants will be notified of the price which will be paid and the offer can be refused. If it is, no later than five business days later, the participant will be removed from Safelite's list of shops available to service customers or insureds of that particular fleet or insurance company. It states that starting work on a job is deemed agreement that the work will be done at the established price and that all claims are waived against Safelite and any payor company for any amount in excess of the established price.
  • There are also several paragraphs which explain that all the information in the agreement is confidential and that all information a participant receives through the agreement about Safelite and its clients is confidential and that Safelite can take legal action against any breach of this confidentiality.
  • A new paragraph explains that all claims relating to the agreement must be resolved in the state and federal courts in Franklin County, Ohio.
  • Fees for invoices submitted by mail or fax have been increased $2.50 to $10 for replacement invoices and $6 for repair invoices.

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