AGRR to Establish "Hall of Shame" for Pictures of Improper Installations

At the request of visitors to the AGRR message boards, a new "Hall of Shame" is being established to highlight and document improper installations, what they look like and the effects they have on cars and the industry.

"It makes me sick when I see a vehicle only a few years old, and the windshield [has] been replaced more than once, you can tell by the levels of rust from the first cut out and each one after," a message board regular using the handle XXX wrote recently, as part of a discussion that led to the request for a page of pictures and testimonials as to jobs improperly done that require extensive work before a safe installation is completed.

Auto glass technicians who come across a previously performed job that is sub-standard and would like to share the experience with others via the Hall of Shame are asked to submit a digital photo of the job, along with a brief description of what was done incorrectly. Additionally, each picture published will include the name and shop of the installer who discovered and fixed the problem.

The Hall of Shame will launch upon receipt of photos from the field, and will be housed at Photos and information can be submitted to AGRR webmaster Bryan Hovey at

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