Solar Control Interlayer Introduced in Europe

The 2005 model Citroen C4, introduced at the Paris Auto Show in September, features a glass roof with a Vanceva solar control interlayer from Solutia that absorbs infrared rays. It is the first application of a Vanceva solar product in a model vehicle. Vanceva's solar interlayer, which has not been introduced in the U.S., is handled and laminated in the glass the same as standard PVB.

Jay Pyper, director of North America market development for St. Louis-based Solutia, said that the company will be introducing the product in the U.S. probably late this year. At the current time there is not any specific usage slated for the product in the U.S. According to Pyper there is greater interest in the reflective, metallic interlayer products in the U.S. while there is a greater interest in the solar control product in Europe.

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