State Farm Adds AGRSS Language

Just as the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) committee is moving into the "Prove It" stage of its program, it's getting buoyed by support from the nation's largest insurer.

In a seminar at the Independent Glass Association's conference in Orlando, AGRSS committee member Carl Tompkins announced that State Farm will reference AGRSS in its next Offer and Acceptance program. Tompkins thinks this will be the first of many insurers to use AGRSS language.

In other news, Tompkins said the AGRSS committee will move to the next step of its program in June. In this step, the committee will not only mail out applications to the program, but also include a list of questions that will help shops determine if they're in compliance or not. The packet will include instructions on how shops can determine if they're in compliance and it will ask for some deliverables, or records. If a shop finds it isn't in compliance, Tompkins says it will have 90 days to fix any problems it has.

"This isn't a test to get you in trouble or kick you out [of AGRSS]," Tompkins said.

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