Colorado Gets Later Date on State Farm Schedule

The roll-out dates for the State Farm Insurance program to eliminate the waiving of the deductible in the case of windshield repair had placed Colorado on the agenda for this December.

But officials of the Bloomington, Ind., based company said that the date for that state is actually June 1, 2006.

In the original memo to its Offer and Acceptance program participants dated May 6, State Farm explained that the date of the change would vary by state and be added to the policyholder's policy at renewal. The first states (now minus Colorado) to be affected by the change are Alabama, Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington, , Idaho and Michigan beginning December 1, 2005. As more states become effective, the company said it would notify O&A participants prior to the change.

The language being eliminated from policies is: If we offer to pay for repair of damaged windshield glass instead of replacement of the windshield and you agree to have such repair made, we will pay the full cost of repairing the windshield regardless of your deductible.

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