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SynergX Technologies Boosts Productivity and Quality with New Generation of Automotive Glass Inspection Systems

SynergX Technologies Inc., a global supplier of automated vision technology for the automotive glass industry, has announced that it has received multiple orders and is now shipping its new generation of automotive glass inspection systems.

The new AGI-X006F Systems utilize patented technology that provides automotive glass manufacturers with complete in-process inspection and yield management solutions. According to the company, the systems not only allow manufacturers to improve the quality of their products, but also improve their manufacturing processes and increase productivity. The AGI-X006F systems provide complete surface inspection, integrated edge inspection and paint inspection, all in a single system for automotive side glass, rear glass, windshields and sun roofs.

"This major upgrade to our AGI product line demonstrates our continued commitment to leadership in the automotive glass industry," says Ken Wawrew, president and chief executive officer.

AGI-X006F Features:
· Complete surface defect detection and classification;
· Integrated edge inspection for grinding defect detection;
· Paint inspection;
· Dark tint and clear glass processing;
· Adjustable pass/fail specification settings;
· Quality and exclusion zones;
· Automatic changeover and calibration; and
· Yield management and process control data.

SynergX Technologies also announced that an upgrade to the new platform will be available for the existing installation base of AGI-X000F Systems.

Located in Laval, Quebec, SynergX has sales offices and customer support services in Markham and Vancouver, Canada; Beijing and Shanghai, China; Eindhoven, The Netherlands; Johannesburg, South Africa; Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan.
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