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Unlucky Auto Glass Conference

Over the years, the National Auto Glass Conference has had some tough luck. It was scheduled to start the day of 9/11/2001. No one who was in Palm Desert will forget the 110-degree temperatures there … and regrettably over the years two people have passed away during the event.

Now, this year, it has slammed into February Fury, the massive storm which is affecting much of the nation with snow, ice and sleet.

A number of people said they had changed their plans, either coming in earlier or rerouting from the original itinerary due to problems at the airport.

Staff members, however, said that there had been no cancellations that they knew of. The registration list included 220 people.

Fortunately, many of the attendees had already come to Orlando for meetings before the storm set in. The National Glass Association’s auto glass division committees were meeting.

The silver lining with the storm is that in what has been an incredibly mild winter in much of the nation the inclement conditions should be good for the AGRR business.

Nevertheless, the show must go on.

The opening speaker was scheduled to be Steven Little, a business growth expert. The other educational session on the afternoon’s agenda was a presentation on harnessing the power of the Internet to market a business by Mike Jones, president of GTS Services LLC.

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