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What's Happening at Diamond Glass Company? has confirmed that Diamond Glass Companies chief executive officer Doug Boyle and president Karen Christopher won't be at the helm of Diamond Auto Glass in the near future. The two were relieved of their daily duties yesterday. Whether each has been placed on a leave of absence or are leaving the company has not been confirmed. An initial report that Rich Wooditch was also leaving has been corrected by the company, which issued a statement this afternoon saying that he is still employed there. Also, not confirmed, but likely, is the return of Norm Harris and Ken Levine.

No one has been talking about the reasons why Christopher and Boyle have been relieved of their duties yet. In the last few months, the company has changed its name, announced its expansion into the flat glass business, instituted a fuel surchange and started safety and quality control problems. Boyle and Christopher had both been extremely accessible to the media of late, even appearing on the cover of AGRR's July-August issue. The company was expected to issue a statement at noon today but instead issued a two line correction about Wooditch early this afternoon.

Stay tuned to glassbytes and gnn for details.

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