XPEL Licenses Technology to EdgeGuard

XPEL Technologies Corp. of San Antonio announced in a business wire press release that the company has signed a software licensing agreement allowing Colorado-based EdgeGuard International to electronically deliver products to its dealer base in exchange for XPEL's participation in EdgeGuard's revenue growth.

EdgeGuard's proprietary process utilizes a 4 mil (.004 inch) UV and abrasion resistant film, which is applied to a windshield's outer edge that company information says substantially reduces the risk of "edge cracking." EdgeGuard cites studies reveal that 83 percent of all required windshield replacements result from cracks started at impact points within three inches of a windshield's outer edge.

"Having signed an agreement for the ability to use XPEL's technology for reaching our customer base really excites me. Their software gives us the capability to rapidly accelerate our business model in a broad and highly efficient manner. What they have is exactly the missing link we have needed for successfully penetrating our large market opportunity," said Joe Bruning, EdgeGuard's chief executive, in the press release.

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