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Zoldowski Opens IGA Conference with Member Services Update

Independent Glass Association (IGA) president Dave Zoldowski of Auto One in Brighton, Mich., opened today’s annual IGA Conference by introducing some of the newest services available to members, including the new “Don’t Get Steered” comic book, available to members only. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

He also talked about the growth of the association’s certification program since it was launched on January 1.

“It’s very user-friendly and we’re excited about it,” said Zoldowski, who noted the exam has approximately a 72-percent pass rate.

Chuck Lloyd of Livgard and Rabuse had good news to share with IGA attendees this morning. Yesterday, one of the Minnesota cases in which he has been involved regarding assignments of benefits was accepted for review by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

The IGA currently is re-designing it website as well. “By the end of the year, IGA will have one of the most advanced websites for any of the associations,” he said.

One of the additions to the website will be a review of historical pricing data. “We’re going to be able to furnish you for the first time with what that rebalancing or latest Offer and Acceptance program means,” Zoldowski told attendees.

Chuck Lloyd of Minneapolis-based Livgard & Rabuse also shared with members some of the new services he’ll be offering them—including discounted rates for his services.

In the long term, he also hopes to create a network of attorneys who understand the glass business to be available to IGA members.

“There is against us an army of opposition,” Lloyd said. “It’s time to have our own army.”

He also noted that yesterday the Minnesota Supreme Court granted review of a case in which he has long been involved, Auto Owners Insurance v. Star Windshield Repair (CLICK HERE for related story). Stay tuned to for more information about this case as it becomes available.

The IGA Conference continues through Saturday, May 3, at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas.

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