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Goudsmit Joins Equalizer Industries; International Division Created


Henri Goudsmit, who recently retired from AEGIS Tools International in Madison, Wis., has joined Round Rock, Texas-based Equalizer Industries as international sales director.

"I had been planning to lead a nice quiet life," Goudsmit says.


After returning from three weeks in Europe, Goudsmit says he received many calls from Ray Asbery, chief executive officer for Equalizer, and Eric Asbery, president.

"After news of Henri's retirement reached Equalizer earlier this year, I just had to make the call," says Ray Asbery, chief executive officer for Equalizer Industries Inc. "Henri's broad knowledge of European auto glass markets was very interesting to us. Henri has made great friends in the auto glass industry in Europe over the past several years and we thought he might like the opportunity to continue those friendships ... "

Goudsmit will work from his home in Chicago.

"I really wanted to spend more times with my children before they're old," says Goudsmit. "With everything electronic now, it doesn't matter [where I am]."

As part of his new position, Goudsmit says he'll continue to go to trade shows—as he has in the past when he was with AEGIS—and do international traveling for Equalizer as needed. He adds, though, that he looks back on his time with AEGIS fondly.

"I have the highest respect for Bob and Caryn Birkhauser, and they'll do very well," he says.

Goudsmit also notes that his future work with Equalizer will be very different than what he's done with AEGIS.

"AEGIS is predominantly windshield repair and Equalizer is glass replacement," Goudsmit says.

In addition to adding Goudsmit as international sales director, Equalizer has announced the formation of a new division, Equalizer International, in an effort to address a substantial increase in international sales over the past 12 months.

"International business has long been a growing part of our business but over the past year it has really exploded," says Eric Asbery. "We decided that the best option was to create a focused environment for the international business community. Its sole purpose is to maintain and cultivate sales for successful international business."

Equalizer International has been relocated to a 10,000-square-foot facility that will allow the company to ship international orders quickly and efficiently.

"The idea is to create an autonomous environment that supports international sales and support processes on a daily basis," says Conny Branham, Equalizer International's customer service director. "We are staffed with long-time Equalizer employees who know our products thoroughly, but specialize in the tools designed specifically for the international market."

CLICK HERE for the full text of the press release about Goudsmit's new position.

CLICK HERE for the full text of the press release about Equalizer's new division, Equalizer International.

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