Tesla Receives Small Number of Visibility Questions about Model X Windshield

Some Tesla Model X owners are experiencing visibility issues with their panoramic windshields. “We have received only a small number of questions from Model X customers about the windshield and have taken action to address these unique cases,” according to a Tesla spokesperson.

“Reflections (ghosting) occurs in all laminated glass to varying degrees,” according to the spokesperson. “This is most frequently seen at night and can affect some drivers more than others.”

“AGP [which supplies the glass] doesn’t comment on specific programs,” says David Foster, AGP sales director. “However, all of the windshields that AGP manufacturers are required to be tested to and comply with the applicable specifications for double image (I.e. U.S. FMVSS, EU ECE-R43 and China CCC.”

The issue came to light on the Tesla Motors Club Forum.

“I took delivery on 12/31/2016 [and] have had my Model X for three weeks. At first I thought this was fatigue or age (43) or bad vision, but it’s not,” writes one poster. “At night, when looking through the front windshield straight ahead, I see two sets of brake lights on cars in front of me—one set low and the other set slightly higher. In other words, this is a high/low effect not left/right, where the lower lights are brighter and the higher lights are dimmer—but still visible. Same is true of headlights if a car is driving towards me.”

“I’m getting the double vision for all strong light sources that are 100 feet or so away,” writes a second poster. “If I look closely I can also see it in the light reflecting from white reflective street signs (speed limit signs).”

The Tesla Model X has an ultraviolet- and infrared-blocking windshield that also includes rain-sensing, adjustable-speed windshield wipers.

“The Model X has the largest all-glass panoramic windshield in production, providing an unparalleled view of the stars and the sky above,” according to a statement from the company. “Optimized solar tinting and obstruction-free view creates unlimited visibility for the driver and all passengers.”

There have also been reports to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of a similar ghosting effect with the Toyota Prius 2012 windshield. At least two videos have been posted to YouTube about the issue. The first video can be found here. The second video can be watched here.

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