NAGS: Average Weighted Price Change Down 4.62 % for All Parts

Mitchell’s National Auto Glass Specifications Inc. (NAGS) has released the weighted average pricing changes for all parts, as well as top 100 and top 500 parts in its Fall International Benchmark Calculator.

The weighted average for all windshield parts has dropped 5.10 percent since the last Benchmark Calculator, and the weighted average for the top 500 windshield parts has dropped 5.13 percent.

For all tempered parts, the weighted average is down 2.6 percent, and for the top 500 tempered parts, the weighted average is down 1.33 percent.

The weighted average price change for all parts was -4.62 percent.

NAGS also analyzed the top 100 parts, reporting that the average weighted price is down 2.64 percent.

Some glass shops are reporting price reductions as high as 6 to 7 percent on some parts. NAGS analysis is based on a variety of factors, including cost files of what retailers pay wholesalers for glass.

“With the exception of the NAGS rebalancing, this is the most significant cost change the AGRR industry has seen in years,” said one larger retail shop manager. “Shops would be wise to analyze the data carefully before updating their pricing.”

NAGS’ weighted average for all parts:

Spring-16Fall-16Price Change% Change
All Parts$355.88$339.43-$16.45-4.62


NAGS’ weighted average for top 500 parts:

Spring-16Fall-16Price Change% Change
All Parts$339.28$322.63-$16.65-4.91

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