State Farm Changes Rotational Jobs and Discount NAGS Pricing

State Farm’s Glass Claims Services sent out a notice to its National Glass Program participants yesterday that will impact the rotation of jobs among retailers and change the limit for customized offers. According to the company, its new policy changes will begin September 1, 2019.

“These changes will allow additional select participants to participate in customized offers to compete for the approximately 20% of rotation jobs when the policyholder does not have a retailer preference when a claim is reported to LYNX,” a portion of the notice reads.

In order to increase the number of retailers who will have the opportunity for the rotational work State Farm plans to adjust its “competitive range algorithm,” according to the company’s notice.

It continues by stating the maximum limit for customized offers will be a net 65% off of NAGS. The notice also highlighted the current additional discounting offer time period, which remained active for a minimum of 60 days from its effective date. According to the company, after the two-month period the additional discounting offer may be withdrawn, left the same, or revised. State Farm’s notice mentioned this offer will change to a minimum of 30 days.

“During the 30 day period or thereafter, glass companies may submit additional discounting offers to increase the discount and lower the net price paid up to the 65% maximum,” a portion of the notice reads.

For select participants that currently provide customized offers that are above the maximum, State Farm states, additional discounting will be automatically set to a net of 65% off of NAGS on August 31, 2019. Therefore, it will be in place when it becomes effective September 1, 2019.

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1 Response to State Farm Changes Rotational Jobs and Discount NAGS Pricing

  1. TSi says:

    Amazing how in 2004 the then nags rebalance was considered to be the best thing and lynx a la state farm said no discounting off the new lower list prices were necessary it was all “fair and reasonable” then fast forward to today and this 65% off BS ? This poor industry!

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